If you are going to join an exhibit, or advertise your company at a conference or other big event, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment and well trained professional representatives of your company. We’ll leave the well trained professionals up to you, but we can help you get the perfect kiosk for your display. Arc Design and Consulting offer the greatest in kiosk technological advancements with our trendy interactive kiosks. Knock the socks off your competitors and get the best display exhibit around!

Arc Design is the leader in interactive kiosks, so we know all about design, fabrication and use of the traditional kiosk with a bit of a twist. You might even say that we are the experts. We are an objective third party, so to speak, that works with all the major kiosk distributors and vendors, so we can actually give you the best information and organize the best prices for all your kiosk needs. We can help you design your kiosk, and evaluate the functionality that you require. You can come to us with an idea and we will perfect it for you so that it will be great, and take care of your every kiosk requirement.

Arc Design has the expertise and the knowledge to help you decide exactly what you should include in your kiosk display. You may feel overwhelmed when you realize exactly what kind of choices are involved in designing the perfect kiosk – like which materials to use, which monitors to incorporate and which colors to choose; and this is just the beginning. This is why you need someone with experience that you can trust to help you create the perfect kiosk display for all of your company’s requirements. We will help you make all the right decisions that won’t end up costing you an arm and a leg.

With our great expertise and work relationships that we have with all the kiosk vendors out there, we will help you get the best quote for the manufacture of your kiosk. We will also help you to evaluate all of the quotes that you receive and together we can choose the best one. With Arc Design you will get the complete attention and service that you need. From concept to design, and manufacture to completion, Arc Design will be with you every step of the way to make sure that you get the best kiosk to suit your needs.

Whether you need a display kiosk for a convention or exhibit, or even for retail purposes, Arc Design is the best company to choose. We will be you partner when you need help, and your designer when we have come up with a great plan. We’ll be there the whole time until you get your kiosk delivered to your door, and we’ll even be there afterwards with our great after sales consulting. Don’t let all the choices and pressures get you down, choose Arc Design for complete peace of mind.