Interactive Kiosk Design

If you are looking for a brand new style of advertising, either for trade shows or within stores, we at Arc Design Consulting specialise in interactive kiosk design. Because we are an independent design consultancy we have carte blanche to create innovative, eye-catching and extraordinary interactive kiosks for your promotional advertising needs. Our aim as kiosk designers is to create kiosks that stand out in the crowd and do not merely blend into the background. The purpose of spending money on design a kiosk is to attract potential customers, not for potential customers to walk past ‘boring’ kiosks without a second glance.

At Arc Design Consulting we pride ourselves as leaders in the interactive kiosk design industry. We go to great lengths to produce spectacular as well as and eye-catching kiosk. In our endeavour to lead as interactive kiosk designers, we make use of accredited product designers, who ultimately become kiosk designers and not mechanical engineers. It is through this method that we are able to create and design kiosk that people or your potential customers want to interact with. We listen to what you want and because we are independent we are able to design a kiosk to suit the displayer’s unique needs and not work according to the kiosk’s capabilities. This pioneering method of interactive kiosk design will allow your specially designed kiosk to be unique and eye-catching.

Our services in terms of interactive kiosk design include design and engineering necessary for kiosk enclosures, as well as sourcing and selecting of the components necessary for your interactive kiosk display. We have first hand knowledge on all sectors relating to kiosk design, and we offer you our expert knowledge regarding all aspects of specification, design as well as fabrication.

We consider ourselves kiosk designers of unsurpassed capabilities and we are backed by eleven years of solid experience in dealing with kiosks specifications, including the sheet metal needed to produce a kiosk, to plastic moulding and component integration. Due to the fact that we have hands on knowledge of kiosk designs and working, we are able to offer valuable information in your kiosk design requirements. Arc Design Consulting has partnered with many major kiosk vendors; this ultimately allows us to negotiate the most cost effective method in producing an interactive kiosk design that works for you.

In terms of offering interactive kiosk design services, we offer engineering and design specifications for kiosk enclosures and we have the capability to handle this project from ground level to the end, while ensuring that the end product, the interactive kiosk is ground breaking, affordable, functions correctly and provides the eye-catching solution expected from a state of the art kiosk.

Through our interactive kiosk design requirement which meet customer’s specifications, we offer assistance and advice in terms of what display to include within your kiosk design, such as a Plasma screen versus an LCD or IR touch versus acoustic wave. For those not necessarily competent on making these decisions, this could ultimately be the success or failure of your interactive kiosk design. With our hands on experience, we can offer advice that really matters. The world of technology is improving and changing daily, one must have the experience and expertise of a skilled interactive kiosk design team to assist in selecting the right equipment. Our mission at Arc Design Consulting is to ensure that the technology is the correct match to your kiosk design and we will assist you in select the right technology that not only suits your budget but also your project.